Information for Prospective CaSPR Lab Members

The Cyber Security and Privacy (CaSPR) lab at Florida International University (FIU) does research in a variety of topics that include fraud and abuse detection, mobile computing, mobile authentication, censorship resistance, cryptocurrencies and blockchains. FIU is located in Miami, Florida a city believed by many to be the best place to live in the continental US. Miami is minutes away from world-class beaches including the Miami Beach, the Everglades and many other national parks and attractions.

Required skills: I am looking for talented Ph.D. students and undergrads to join the research team of CaSPR lab. I am particularly interested in students with a mix of practical, theoretical, and communication skills including
  • Can program, have experience with several programming languages and operating systems
  • Have good knowledge of algorithms, data structures, operating system and networking concepts
  • Know math and are not afraid to use it
  • Are inquisitive, persistent, team-players and decent communicators, both written and oral.

    If you follow the instructions below to send me an e-mail, feel free to include a self-assesment of the above skills or any other skills that you believe to have and to be relevant to the position.

    I generally prefer to support students with whom I had substantial prior interactions that include at least an interview. I also prefer students who took at least one class that I teach. Further, where possible, I prefer to support students with whom I have worked on a previous project, for instance during one semester when they had support from the school. Such interactions are vital to ensure that we have converging views, and collaborate and communicate well.

    If you have not yet applied to FIU: Read this and follow the instructions to apply to the Ph.D. program of the School of Computing and Information Sciences at FIU. Feel free to specify in your application that you would like to work with me. Once FIU makes you an offer, feel free to contact me at with the subject ``PROSPECTIVE REMOTE STUDENT'' and specify whether you have received support from the school.

    If you are a Ph.D. student at FIU: Contact me sooner rather than later to set up an appointment. Send e-mail at with the subject ``PROSPECTIVE FIU STUDENT'' and specify (1) if and for long do you have support from FIU, (2) your grades in my courses, (3) whether you already have an advisor and the reason for the divorce, and any other pertinent information. In general, I don't like to snatch anyone's students, so if this is the case be ready to explain.

    If you are a student at another US university and plan to enroll in the Ph.D.program at FIU, e-mail me at with the subject ``PROSPECTIVE US STUDENT'' and explain (1) your reasons for the anticipated move,(2) whether you have already applied to FIU, (3) whether you can transfer credits,(4) your reasons for applying to the CaSPR lab including why you belive you would be a good fit and (5) any research project/ideas to which you can contribute.

    If you are an MS student at FIU: Unfortunately, I cannot provide support. If you already have support and would like to work in the CaSPR lab, drop me a line.