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Welcome to my personal stuff page.  

My Homeland:

I am a citizen of Barbados  also referred to as Bim.

a small country located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela.  Additional information is located here .

My home in Barbados is in the parish of Christ Church, located 5 minutes from this beach.

Oh how I miss going to the beach!!!!  Pictures of other beaches are located here .

Here are the daily newspapers in Bim:

Pictures of the Crop Over Festival in Bim are located here .

Listen to several of the local radio stations in Bim here .

Pre-Teenage Years:

Thanks to my dad, who is now a retired priest in the Anglican (Episcopalian) church, my 3 brothers and I were always in church!!  Not much more to tell!

Teenage Years:

Some of my most memorable experiences as a teenager occurred at my high school.

The Lodge School    located in the parish of St. John.

While attending The Lodge School I was a member of the Barbados Cadet Corps (No. 2 Company).  Before leaving high school I reached the rank of Cadet Under Officer (CUO).

My high school was known for the traditional "Coffin Day" activities.  Basically, all the first form students were hazed by being placed in a wooden box, taken for a short ride around the school, and then initiated with a good flogging!!!  In my mind I can still hear the older boys saying "Get Clarke!!!"  I tried to run, but it was futile!!! 

After most of the younger students were hazed, the "coffin" entered the main courtyard of the school, where the teachers, most of them being past students, would read passages of Latin, Greek and Hebrew.  This would always generate a thunderous applause from the entire school!!!

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