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Assistant Professor,
Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS),
Florida International University (FIU).

About me

I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University. I received my Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) in 2018 under the supervision of Professor David Irwin. Before that, I finished my Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2014 from Northeastern University China where I was advised by Professor Guiran Chang. I also worked in industry for two years. At FIU SCIS, I lead the Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory (CPSLab). I am a member of ACM, ACM SigEnergy, and IEEE.

Research Interests

  • My research aims to build data-driven experimental computer systems to make Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) more energy-efficient and more secure. I have been looking into multiple CPS research problems, such as system sustainability, data privacy, and system security in CPS at different scales, such as the IoT and Edge Computing devices, smart homes and buildings, renewable energy systems, smart grids, and smart cities.

  • My work has been spanning multiple technical fields, including Big Data Analytics, Distributed and Tiny Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing, and Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning. Recently, my research has also been applied in data analytics and cybersecurity in multiple CPS application domains, including Smart and Connected Communities, Maritime Transportation System, underwater cyberinfrastructure, and Personal Home Health Monitoring. I open-source all the systems (including their evaluation datasets) I build.

What's New

  • 10/2021 Serve as TPC member for ACM e-Energy’22, please consider submitting!

  • 09/2021 Serve as TPC member for ACM/IEEE IoTDI’22, part of CPS-IoT Week 2022, please consider submitting!

  • 08/2021 iAttackGen paper accepted at CNS’21 (Regular Paper Acceptance Rate:  28.32%).

  • 07/2021 Organize the 3rd IEEE Workshop on BigDataCPS’21, colocated with IGSC’21, Please consider submitting!.

  • 07/2021 Co-PI Grant: "Automated Risk Detection and Mitigation of Devices and Apps in Smart Settings" is funded by NSA ($750K, My Share 12%).

  • 06/2021 Serve as Session Chair (Disaggregation & NILM) for ACM e-Energy’21.

  • 05/2021 Serve as TPC member for IGSC’21, please consider submitting!

  • 04/2021 BIoTA paper will appear at IEEE SECON’21 (Acceptance Rate: 26.42%).

  • 04/2021 Serve on Organizing Committee (Publication Chair) for ACM BuildSys’21, please consider submitting!

  • 03/2021 Attend ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) DELTA Junior Faculty Institute.

  • 03/2021 My second PhD student: Keyang has passed his PhD qualifying exam.

  • 03/2021 Serve as TPC member for MASS’21, please consider submitting!

  • 03/2021 Guest Editor on Security, Privacy, and Multimodal Data Analysis for Social Media Call For Papers, please consider submitting!

  • 02/2021 NSF RET in Engineering and Computer Science SITE: Research Experience for Teachers on Cyber-Enabled Technologies (Senior Personal).

  • 01/2021 IoT device privacy paper will appear at ACM/IEEE IPSN’21 (Acceptance Rate: 24.76%), part of CPS-IoT Week 2021.

  • 12/2020 Serve as TPC member (Track: Distributed Operating Systems and Middleware) for ICDCS’21, please consider submitting!

  • 12/2020 Congratulations to my PhD student-Qi for receiving 2020 SCIS Annual Best Research Student Award!

  • 11/2020 SolarTrader paper won the Best Paper Award at ACM BuildSys’20.

  • 11/2020 Congratulations to Qi for being selected as ACM SenSys’20 and BuildSys’20 Student Volunteer!

  • 10/2020 Receive Certificate of Appreciation from IGSC'20 Steering Committee.

  • 10/2020 PhD student: Qi received IGSC’20 participating grant to present our SolarDiagnostics work.

  • 09/2020 SolarTrader paper accepted at BuildSys’20 (Regular Paper Acceptance Rate:  24%).

  • 08/2020 SolarDiagnostics paper accepted at IGSC’20 (Acceptance Rate: 23%).

  • 08/2020 Serve as TPC member and Session Chair for Privacy Program for IoTDI’21, part of CPS-IoT Week 2021, please consider submitting!

  • 06/2020 Organize BigDataCPS’20, please consider submitting!

  • 05/2020 Serve as TPC member for BuildSys’20, please consider submitting!

  • 05/2020 Serve as TPC member for MASS’20, please consider submitting!

  • 04/2020 Serve as TPC member for IGSC’20, please consider submitting!

  • 04/2020 Serve as TPC member for BigData’20, Atlanta, please consider submitting!

  • 04/2020 My first PhD student: Qi passed her Ph.D. qualifying exam.

  • 04/2020 IoT security research: “Online Learning and Visualization for Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Privacy-Enhanced IoT Networks” is funded by Florida Collaborative Seed Program.

  • 03/2020 SolarFinder source code and data are released on CPS GitHub.

  • 01/2020 SolarFinder paper accepted at ACM/IEEE IPSN’20 (Acceptance Rate: 22.13%), part of CPS-IoT Week 2020.

  • 10/2019 Received Appreciation Certificate from IGSC Steering Committee.

  • 09/2019 Organize CPSBigData 2019 Workshop.

  • 08/2019 Solar-TK paper is accepted at (the 16th) MASS 2019.

  • 08/2019 IoT device identification paper is accepted at (the 38th) MilCom 2019.

  • 06/2019 Serve as TPC member for AIChallengeIoT 2019, New York.

  • 04/2019 Serve as Keynote Speaker at Cybersecurity in Florida Public Transportation Workshop.

  • 04/2019 Attend NSF CISE Career Workshop with travel grant.

  • 04/2019 Serve as TPC member for IEEE AICCSA’19, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • 03/2019 Serve as TPC member for IEEE BigData’19, Los Angeles, USA.

  • 01/2019 Smart Building Image Processing Project is funded by Google Cloud $9,976.

  • 10/2018 Talk at Sustainable Research Pathways (SRP) Workshop, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

  • 09/2018 Sun paper is accepted to ACM BuildSys’18 (Acceptance Rate: 24.19%)