Downloading Ada95

Program files, documentation and utilities

If you already have DJGPP, then only download the gnat files. These files are in ZIP format, you may use PKUNZIP to unpack them, be sure to include the -D switch so that subdirectories are expanded. Check out the README.DOS file after they are unzipped, it tells you how to modify your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If you don't have PKUNZIP, then download UNZ511X from below. If you need DJGPP then donwload it from below. There is also a version of gnat for Win95.

    FTP site for gnat Ada
Look for the operating system you have. For DOS, choose the i386 or i586 versions. For Windows 95, there is a separate dirsectory.

You must have a copy of DJGPP in order for GNAT (the 'G' is pronounced) to run.This file is also zipped. Use PKUNZIP with the -D switch, or download UNZ50P1 from below. Check out README.1ST and README.DJ, they tell you how to configure your system for DJGPP.

    Look for the most recent dgjpp file (it is a C++ compiler)
ADACAPS is an IDE for GNAT. It has the feel of a TURBO environment. Very nice. However, it must be run in DOS, not from a Window (at least not from WIN95). The .TXT file tells you how to set up your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. The INFO-ZIP group recommends unzipping the big file with UNZ50P1. I don't know if this is necessary. You might get away with PKUNZIP, but don't forget the -D switch.
    Look for the most recent adacaps file
This is the utility that is supported by the INFO-ZIP group. They feel it is superior to PKUNZIP, and maybe it is. It seems to work on many platforms, not just DOS. The .EXE file is a small binary that will allow you to unpack the big ZIP file. One advantage of this program is that subdirectory expansion is the default, so you don't need to include any switches when you unzip directory structures.

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