COP-3402 Information

Examples of how I like code to be written

Assignment 1

Due Wednesday 9/17 at the beginning of class.

Do the following problems from the book, pages 41 - 43:

2 a, b
5 d, h
7 b, d
12 c, e
13 c, f
14 c, d
15 b, d
16 c, d
20 a, b

Be sure I can read what you write. If you want partial credit for wrong answers, then you must show me your work.

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MASM 6.11

We will be using the Microsoft Assembler, MASM 6.11, in this course. It has been installed in the labs in PC411, PC413, PC322, BA150. In the labs, you must be in Windows 3.1 to run the program, it will not run from DOS, and it has not been installed under Windows 95.

For those of you with computers at home, you may purchase MASM 6.11 from the bookstore for the educational price of $59. This is a full version of MASM 6.11, the retail price is about $150. The installation requires at least 4MB of RAM. Some students have had difficulty installing it, so read the documentation and follow the instructions closely.

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Running the Hamming Code Program

I have written a program that will allow you to calculate a Hamming codeword using single-bit error correction with even-parity check bits. Run my CGI Hamming Program. This should work from any browser, including a text based browser like lynx.

It is also possible to run the program the old-fashioned way: log onto SOLIX! When you log onto SOLIX, change to the directory


and from there run the hamming program by typing


from the prompt.

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Header to include in all programs

You are to include the following comment at the start of each program that you hand in, and then SIGN the statement.

; Name: your name
; File Name: the name of the file that contains your source code
; Program Description: a brief description of the program
; Instructor: Tim Downey        Class: COP3402  Section: your section
; I attest that I have done this assignment without help from other people,
; except possibly Tim Downey.
; Signed: sign your name here

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Necessary comments to include in all programs

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Some decuctions from programs

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Steps to create a project

You should now be at a screen that shows you all the files in your directory. You will now select the particular files you want in your project.

You now have a project for the indicated files.

Example of two files that could be combined together in a project

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Book on reserve in the library

I covered material from the first two chapters of the book Structured Computer Organization. The book is on reserve in the library under the course COP2400 and Instructor Pestaina.

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