Netscape Gold HTML Editor

Netscape Gold comes bundled with an HTML editor. It allows you to modify existing pages that are on the web, or to create new pages. It also has the ability to upload files to yuor solx account.

Finding what the ~ means

To publish the document is to upload it to your solix account. In order for this to work, you must know what the ~ means in your solix path. Your solix directory is something like ~jsmith01, however the ~ is just a symbol that represents the actual path. You must know the actual path.

Opening an exisiting document

Creating a new document

Publishing your file

Publishing in Windows 95

In Windows 95, publiishing works as advertised, just be sure that you save your home page locally as index.htm

Publishing in Windows 3.1

In Windows 3.1, the Netscape Gold editor has a slight problem; it always saves htm files in upper case letters. All other files will be saved using the same case as you save them, but for some reason, htm file names are always converted to upper case. So, even if you save a file as index.htm, Netscape Gold will upload it as INDEX.HTM. The same is true for other htm filenames, so if you save and upload favsites.htm, Netscape Gold will upload it as FAVSITES.HTM. So, to fix the problem: When using the Netscape Gold HTML editor to save and upload htm files, always save them and refer to them in href statements in upper case.

In order for the web server to find your INDEX.HTM it will be necessary to delete your old index.htm file. Only do this once.

Once you have done this, and as long as you use upper case file names, then you publish your documents just as you publish in Windows 95.