New Boogie mechanics form natural dives

Recognize that all dives have a beginning, middle and endpoint. Realize different parts of the skydive feel different. Design the dive to appreciate that man-made notions of sequential maneuvers can not displace the reality of time and space perceived by the participant. The participant's true mind set is dictated by a timeless reality of heaven, sky, and ground. The relationship of the ether to the firmament is fixed. Disregarding this reality brings discord.

Sequential is not the point -- In this world there is not a matter of the number of sequences you make or points which you accrue on a skydive. A jump is not a sequence of maneuvers. Rather, it is a ceremony scripted in accord with its place in a potential skydive. In this view a dive involves airplane, sky, people and ground: all in a dynamic relationship. No matter which you are, the others move. Thus no dive can be reduced to just the component where you touch each other for a sequence of points in a flat plane. Rather, here you are always touching each other in a higher plane of existence and awareness whether you are physically in contact or not in contact. Moreover, the dive can not be singly focused on the flat dance of sequential, rather, the laws of nature, physics, emotion, and flight decree that it is a medley of dances mandated by altitude and orchestrated by the divers and their mental spaces.

Three phases of a jump -- The dive must have three levels: 1) the exit part, 2) the skydance part, and 3) the get-ready-to-open-your-parachute-and-save-your-life-part. Not withstanding their actual component of time and distance, they have vastly differing psychic values and emotional weights.

Alpha & Omega: beginning and end -- While every right thinking person of conventional wisdom just KNOWS that the areas of time and space around the exit and the pull are but brief moments in the totality of a dive, the skydancer knows truth: emotion controls time. That truth means that the longest part of the dive is in the neighborhood of the exit and the parachute opening. The alpha (exit) and the omega (pull) of the jump. The temporally longer middle part pales when compared to these.

Time & feeling -- Thus, there is a very different feel, both emotionally and physically about this alpha and omega. Time seems to expand more and moves slowly. Your pulse, heartbeat, and emotional state are MUCH higher. Moments last for minutes. The more emotion (adrenaline) the slower your clock turns. There is a special reality surrounding these times. From a statistician's perspective this alpha and omega are but a fraction of the skydive. For them, like a hamburger, the meat is in the middle. From 12.5, only about ten percent of the skydive, or less, is consumed by the exit. Only ten percent, or more is consumed by the break-off, track and pull. But, as in sex, the courting, and foreplay may consume the bulk of the time, nevertheless, the intensity of the climax is what unfailingly commands attention. In that moment, both partners are one being. In freefall, at exit and around the time to pull, you, your sky mates, the sky, and the ground are one orchestra which is at crescendo. No wonder the Hindus depict their gods as male-female in union! I posit that this sitting-face-to-face which the sutras describe is a similar union.

In this mantra, the exit is evoked by the word *GO!* and the terminus is signaled by the break-off. In both cases, the angels singing is all in your head.

See Skr (and the Art of FF RW, 2nd Ed., p. 166) for examples of *natural * medley dives-dances. Pat Works SCS - 1

August 1994