Mata Hari EM Pinball

A super rare 1977 Bally Mata Hari EM Pinball machine. Over 16,000 solid state Mata Hari's were made by Bally in 1978, but only 170 of this rare EM were made, and many are no longer in existence. This is certainly one of the most desirable EM crossover titles made. Recently, a Mata Hari EM with a worse playfield but nicer backglass sold on Ebay for over $2,500, and another non-working Mata Hari with no backglass at all sold on Ebay for $1,000.

The Mata Hari is in excellent working condition. We recently rerubbered the game and changed out the bad bulbs. The playfield has some wear that is most noticeable near the left A arrow and the bonus inserts (like most Ballys from this era). The backglass has some flaking, mostly in the woman, but is still very presentable, is all original, and has not been touched up at all. The cabinet is in good shape. Both doors have locks. An original manual, high score cards, and two apparantly original schematics are included. I have no idea how two schematics of this super-rare game made their way into the cabinet, but there they are! A two minute video showing my limited playing skills is available. It is a 41 Meg download, so be patient and you better have a high speed connection.