1979 Bally Silverball Mania Pinball Machine

For sale or trade

This is a very nice Bally Silverball Mania pinball machine. It is known as one of the fastest playing of the early Bally solid state games, and features a ball kicker that returns the ball to you if you have drained. But the ball kicker is only activated mainly by scoring the center horseshoe. It also features a stunning mirrored backglass, that is one of the most memorable from this era. Silverball Mania was a very popular game in its time, and most of them have been worn to the wood, especially in the lower playfield near the horshoe target and bonus multiplier inserts. This Silverball Mania has mylar installed and the playfield is supernice, probably as nice as you will find.

The game was shopped out, with all playfield parts removed, playfield waxed, and then many lights were replaced, the game was rerubbered, new rubber posts installed, flippers and bumpers rebuilt, and new bumper caps installed. The boards are in excellent shape, and a remote bettery holder installed.

Everything works great.