Updates for Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 Schedule

Additions: New for Summer and Fall 2012:
  1. Summer and Fall: NEW!!! Early Fall and Summer (2012) Registration
  2. Summer and Fall: The 3-credit course CGS-3095 replaces CGS-3092 and will count as a Global Learning course for those who need one.
  3. Summer and Fall: Students needing ENC-3213 should take the new and improved ENC-3249, unless they are a transfer student with 30+ credits, but not an AA degree who took ENC-1101 elsewhere (because ENC-3249 is not yet a designated Gordon Rule UCC English Composition course).
  4. Summer: Courses COP-2210-U01C/U02C, COP-3337-U01, COP-3804-U01C/U02-C, and CDA-3103-U01C will run for 9-11 meeting weeks, because they will meet for lectures three times a week; see the notes in Panthersoft for the exact ending dates. The course instructor will provide the detailed meeting pattern on the first day of class.
  5. Summer: The only summer graduate course offerings are TCN-prefixed courses; these count toward any SCIS graduate program.
  6. Summer and Fall: All courses are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment or last minute instructor unavailability. Rarely, a fall course may need to be scheduled at a different time.

New Offerings
Online and Saturday Courses

BS/BA in IT Progam Changes and Notes
BS in CS Progam Changes and Notes
MS in CS Progam Changes and Notes
MS in IT Progam Changes and Notes
MS in Telecommunication and Networking Progam Changes and Notes
PhD in Computer Science Progam Changes and Notes

The URL for this web page is http://www.cs.fiu.edu/~weiss/updates11-12/.

Please send graduate program questions to Prof. Shu-Ching Chen and please direct undergraduate program questions to the SCIS advisors.

The schedule for the School's courses can be found here.

We have an outstanding group of advisors, but please remember that we have over 1,200 students. As such, requests cannot be processed instantly and you can improve the response rate if you make sure to include your Panther ID in all communications. If you are asking for a permission to enter an open course due to a prerequisite problem, you must remember to include the specific section number (U1, U2, etc) of the course. If you do not provide the appropriate information, the advisor will email you for it, and move you to the back of the advising queue, at which point the course might close before your reply is handled. Thank you for your cooperation. Please be sure to follow these guidelines:

Common prerequisite issues that will require an advisor to issue a permission override:

Prerequisite violations: If you are currently taking (in the Spring) a course X that is a prerequisite for a course Y that you are registered for in the Summer, if you do not obtain a grade of C or higher in X, you must drop course Y. Students who do not do so on their own eventually WILL be administratively dropped by the School, and if we have to do so, you will have low priority in the future for any closed course override requests, and you might not be able to receive a 100% refund for the course tuition. Please be considerate of other students who are anxiously waiting for seats.

Closed Courses

Some sections close quickly, though this happens less in summer. When this happens, a few extra seats may be made available in the week before classes. These will be extremely limited (one in ECS-143 and ECS-145, two in ECS-134 and ECS-136, and three in ECS-132 and ECS-138). For classes held in ECS-135 and ECS-141, we may be able to do better.

Please keep in mind that students routinely drop courses prior to the start of classes and also in the first week of classes, so keep checking to see if seats become available.

Please contact the intructor of record to request a closed course override.

New Undergraduate Courses

This year we began offering several courses that are either new, or have never been offered before.

Online and Saturday Offerings

For summer, we have added online offerings of several courses:
Summer 2012
CDA	3003	RVCC	Micro Org
CGS	2060	RVCC	Intro To Micro Comp
CGS	2100	RVCC	Comp Appls Business
CGS	2518	RVCC	Computr Data Analys
CGS	3559	RVCC	Using The Internet
COP	3353	RVCC	Intro Unix/Linux
COP	3835	RVCC	Designing Web Pages
COP	4814	RVCC	Compon Software Dev
TCN	5440	RVAA	Sftwr Dvmnt Telecom 
TCN	6210	RVBB	Telecom Net Ana Des
We are also adding a short Saturday schedule that will consist of COP-4655 and CTS-4408. Fall information is still being finalized.

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology (IT)

  1. There are some new course numbers:
    • CNT-4504 replaces CIS-4930.
    • COP-4703 replaces CGS-4366.
    • COP-3353 replaces COP-3348.
    • CDA-3003 replaces COP-3643; do not confuse this with CDA-3103 which is a course for C.S. majors.
    • CTS-4408 replaces COP-4723.
  2. Changes to the program were approved in Spring 2010 and apply to any student who is admitted Fall 2010 or later. Students admitted prior to Fall 2010 may follow either the old program plan or the new program plan. Please note the following implementation details:
    1. COP-3643, which is now renumbered as CDA-3003, is no longer a course offered in the new program plan. We will continue to offer the course in the online format (as has been done in the past) as long as enrollments allow. Look for CDA-3003 section RVC.
    2. COP-3348, which is now renumbered as COP-3353, is no longer acceptable as an elective in the new program plan. We will continue to offer the course in the online format format as long as enrollments allow. Look for COP-3353 section RVC. Students in the new program plan may take COP-3353, but it will count only as three credits toward the required 120 and not as an elective.
    3. CGS-3767 has been revised in the new program. The on campus version of the course will be taught following the new syllabus.
    4. CEN-3721 is a new required course and is a co-requisite to COP-3804. If you are under the old rules, you do not need to take CEN-3721, and you will need to contact an advisor to be able to register for COP-3804 without CEN-3721.
    5. CNT-4403 and COP-4814 are new required courses.
    6. If you were admitted to the program prior to Fall 2010 and are dismissed from the university and then readmitted, you will need to follow the new program. Please consult with an advisor should this happen... or do well in your courses to avoid this situation.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (CS)

  1. Some course numbers have changed:
    • CDA-3103 replaces COP-3402; do not confuse this with CDA-3003 which is a course for I.T. majors.
    • COP-4604 replaces COP-4225.
    • COP-4710 replaces COP-4540.

Master's Degree in Computer Science (CS)

  1. For Summer, the only graduate offerings are the TCN courses, and these WILL be acceptable for CS majors.

Master's Degree in Telecommunications and Networking (MSTN)

  1. There are limited graduate course offerings this summer with prefix TCN. In addition to those, the following courses from other departments count toward the MS degree in Telecommunications and Networking and others would be at the discretion of the graduate program director.
    Summer A EIN-6160 Management of Innovation and Technology
    Summer B ESI-6455 Advanced Engineering Project Management

Master's Degree in Information Technology (MSIT)

  1. For Summer, the only graduate offerings are the TCN courses, and these WILL be acceptable for CS majors.

PhD in Computer Science

  1. For Summer, the only graduate offerings are the TCN courses, and these WILL be acceptable for CS majors.