Teaching History (Teaching Assistant)

  • 2011.8 2011.12

    Foundations of Computer Security

    Symmetric ciphers, basic number theory, public key cryptosystems, digital signatures, hashes, message authentication codes, key management and distribution, authentication protocols, vulnerabilities and malware, access control and privacy.

  • 2012.1 2012.4

    Information Storage & Retrieval

    The design and implementation of a relational database using a commercial DBMS. Online information retrieval and manipulation.

  • 2012.1 2012.4

    Data Structures

    Basic concepts of data organization, running time of a program, abstract types, data structures including linked lists, n-ary trees, sets and graphs, internal sorting.

  • 2010.8 2011.7

    Website Construction and Management

    The fundamentals of creating and maintaining a website. Installation and maintenance of a web-server. Techniques for building multimedia interactive web-pages.

  • 2010.8 2011.7

    Intro to Microcomputer Applications for Business

    A hands-on study of spreadsheet and database management package for business students without a technical background.

  • 2010.8 2011.7

    Introduction to Microcomputers

    A hands-on study of microcomputer software packages for applications such as operating system, word processing, spreadsheets, and database management.