Package weiss.util

Interface Summary
Collection Collection interface; the root of all 1.2 collections.
Comparator Comparator function object interface.
Iterator Iterator interface.
List List interface.
ListIterator ListIterator interface for List interface.
Map Map interface.
Map.Entry The interface used to access the key/value pairs in a map.
Set Set interface.
SortedSet SortedSet interface.

Class Summary
AbstractCollection AbstractCollection provides default implementations for some of the easy methods in the Collection interface.
ArrayList The ArrayList implements a growable array.
Arrays Instanceless class that contains static methods to manipulate arrays.
Collections Instanceless class contains static methods that operate on collections.
HashMap Hash table implementation of the Map.
HashSet HashSet implementation.
LinkedList LinkedList class implements a doubly-linked list.
Random Random number class, using a 31-bit linear congruential generator.
Stack Stack class.
TreeMap Balanced search tree implementation of the Map.
TreeSet Balanced search tree implementation of SortedSet.

Exception Summary