Package weiss.util

Interface Summary
Collection<AnyType> Collection interface; the root of all 1.5 collections.
Comparator<AnyType> Comparator function object interface.
Iterator<AnyType> Iterator interface for Collections.
List<AnyType> List interface.
ListIterator<AnyType> ListIterator interface for List interface.
Map<KeyType,ValueType> Map interface.
Map.Entry<KeyType,ValueType> The interface used to access the key/value pairs in a map.
Queue<AnyType> Queue interface.
Set<AnyType> Set interface.
SortedSet<AnyType> SortedSet interface.

Class Summary
AbstractCollection<AnyType> AbstractCollection provides default implementations for some of the easy methods in the Collection interface.
ArrayList<AnyType> The ArrayList implements a growable array.
Arrays Instanceless class that contains static methods to manipulate arrays.
Collections Instanceless class contains static methods that operate on collections.
HashMap<KeyType,ValueType> Hash table implementation of the Map.
HashSet<AnyType> HashSet implementation.
LinkedList<AnyType> LinkedList class implements a doubly-linked list.
PriorityQueue<AnyType> PriorityQueue class implemented via the binary heap.
Stack<AnyType> Stack class.
TreeMap<KeyType,ValueType> Balanced search tree implementation of the Map.
TreeSet<AnyType> Balanced search tree implementation of SortedSet.

Exception Summary