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Michael Robinson         School of Computing and Information Sciences        

        Instructor   :   Michael Robinson
        e-mail        :   michael.robinson@fiu.edu
        Web Page   :  www.cs.fiu.edu/~mrobi002/Teaching
        Office        :  ECS 212 D

    Class Policies: FIU Academic Affairs policy on academic dishonesty

  Future Semesters

  Current Semester

   Summer 2015 : May 11 - Jul 31, 2015

    CGS 3767-U01C (54336) Computer Operating Systems Class Lecture :  Mo We Fr   12:00PM - 1:05PM   @ECS 132
    CGS 3767-U02C (54828) Computer Operating Systems Class Lecture :  Mo We Fr    6:15PM - 7:20PM   @ECS 136
    CGS 4854-U01C (53971) Website Construction & Management Class Lecture :  Tu Th       4:35PM - 6:20PM   @ECS 134
    CGS 4854-U02C (54802) Website Construction & Management Class Lecture :  Tu Th       6:30PM - 8:15PM   @ECS 134

    Experimental Hardware Lab Office/lab :  Monday      1:30PM - 2:30PM   @PG6 102
Office/lab :  Friday      4:45PM - 5:45PM   @PG6 102

    Non-required Office/Lab Hours:
        You can attend any or all lab hours. They are free. Office/lab :  Tuesday     3:00PM - 4:15PM   @ECS 241
        I am here to help you with any class material, Office/lab :  Wednesday   7:30PM - 8:45PM   @ECS 241
        install any hardware or software needed for the class,
        set up virtal machines, and languages if necessary.

  Previous Semesters

  Very Useful Links:
    ASCII Tables
    FREE FIU Services
    FREE FIU Tutoring
    FREE Books thru ACM
    FREE MIT Classes
    FREE Sanford Classes
    FREE Scholarships
    Very Brief PC History pdf
    What everybody should know
    What is IT

  C - ANSI:
    Programming Requirements
    Download C (ANSI) for Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc
    Downloads - C programs and Manuals
    C Library Reference Guide
    GNU Make Manual
    Linux Commands used in class

  Hardware Lab:
    Hardware Systems

    JAVA Programming Rules
    Java Classes (Jan 2011)
    Java API Details

  Operating Systems:
    The Linux Commands Book
    The Linux Commands most used in class
    Hardware Topics
    Linux Scripting Samples
    Windows Batch Samples
    Virtual Machines and The Cloud
    Virtual Machines Installation by Tim Downey
    Ubuntu-32bit Version 12.04.1.iso
    Ubuntu-64bit Version 12.04.1.iso
    Google MapReduce
    Yahoo Hadoop

  Web Design Management
    Looking into the future
    Setup your Website Instructions
    MVC Modeling View Controller
    data.php - pgm2
    data.php - pgm3

    HTML w3Schools
    Special Characters

    JS samples
    helpJS.html sample
    helpJS.html source code

    Installing LAMP : MySql, Apache, PHP
    LAMP Installation Instructions

    JSP Book by Tim Downey - FIU
    Java Servlet and API

    CSS 3 Dropdown Menues
    CSS 3 About Tool
    CSS samples
    CSS 1 (Cascading Style Sheets)
    CSS 2 (Cascading Style Sheets)

    PHP at w3school
    PHP Passing Variables samples
    Passing Data Using POST

    mysql using PHP and POST
        mysql PHP samples

    Multiple Web Tools
        Check Boxes Plus Others

    Calling Perl
        Calling Perl

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