Information Retrieval Concepts (COP-4703)

Professor: Alex Roque
Office Hours: By Request

NOTE: If a request needs to be made to meet before class, please let me know at least a day in advance. If a request is sent to meet on the day of the request, I will only be able to meet after the class session for a limited time.

Syllabus: (DOCX)(PDF)

Important Dates

  1. 8/21 First Day of Class
  2. 8/28 NO CLASS
  3. 9/4 Labor Day
  4. 10/4 Project Work Day NO CLASS
  5. 10/9 Group Project Phase 1 Due
  6. 10/11 Quiz 2 - Chapt3, Chapt4, Chapt 5
  7. 10/16 Midterm
  8. 10/18 NO Class: Project 2 Time
  10. 11/6 Quiz 3- Chapt 5, Chpt 6
  11. 11/15 ONLINE LECTURE
  12. 11/20 Quiz 4- Chapt7, Chapt 8, Chapt 9
  13. 11/22 Thanksgiving Online Lecture-NO CLASS
  14. 11/27 Project Presentations
  15. 11/29 NO CLASS: Project Due Electronically
  16. 12/4 Final


  1. Lecture 1 Intro to DB Management (PPT)(PDF) / Lecture 2 Relational Model, QBR, Relational Algebra (PPT)(PDF)
  2. Lecture 3 The Relational Model 2: SQL (PPT)(PDF)
  3. Lecture 4 The Relational Model 3: Advanced Topics (PPT)(PDF)
  4. Lecture 5 Database Design 1: Normalization (PPT)(PDF)
  5. (Midterm Review)
  6. Lecture 6 Database Design 2: Design Methodology (PPT)(PDF)
  7. Lecture 7 DBMS Functions (PPT)(PDF)
  8. Online Lecture: Mimic a Lock With Transactions.pdf (PDF)
  9. Online Lecture: SQL Server- The Transaction Log.pdf (PDF)
  10. Online Lecture: The ROLE OF A DBA (PDF)
  11. Lecture 8 Database Administration (PPT)(PDF)
  12. Database Health Monitoring (PDF)
  13. Lecture 9 DB Management Approaches (PPT)(PDF)
  14. Class Presentations / Lecture: Review for Final Exam here

Topics/Sample Scripts

  1. Chpt. 2 SQL Script Example (Chapt2.sql)
  2. Create and Modify Your Own data. (DOC)
  3. Create Table Example (CreateTableExample.sql)
  4. Grouping Example (GroupingExample.sql)
  5. Join Query Example (JoinQueryExample.sql)
  6. Lecture 3 SQL Practice Script (Chapt3.sql)
  7. Lecture 4 SQL Practice Script (Chapt4.sql)
  8. Relational Algebra Examples (RelationalAlgebra.sql)
  9. SQL User Defined Functions.(DOC)
  10. Stored Procedure Example (StoredProcedure.sql)
  11. Stored Procedure Assignment (procedure.sql)
  12. Trigger Example (Trigger.sql)
  13. Normalization Example (NormalizationExampleChpt5.docx)
  14. Normalization Example 2(NormalizationExample2.docx)
  15. Example of a SQL Transaction and a lock being acquired by the database.(Lock1.sql)(Lock2.sql)


We will be using Microsoft SQL server technologies throughout the course. Download the free version of SQL Server, SQL Server Express which is its free limited database with tools.

SQL Server Express 2016

I've created a documented detailing the installation of SQL Server Express 2016 with screenshots. Please review the document if you are having problems.
Loading Data Into Sql Server
Running Scripts

Installation Videos

Database Install
SQL Tools Install
Create DB and Test
Connect to Azure DB (Optional)

If you are having problems with the installation of 2016, try to install the 2014 version. Sql Server Express 2014

The SQL Express you want to download is the one described as Express with Tools (SQLEXPRWT). If you see a file list, choose the one for computer's architecture (x86/64) and find the SQLEXPRWT file name.

SQL Server Express with Tools (with LocalDB, Includes the database engine and SQL Server Management Studio Express)

After installing SQL Server Express, create your first database. Here is a video to help.

All SQL examples performed in class will be mostly standard SQL, but keep in mind Oracle and MySQL have slight differences in some syntax.

ER Diagrams: You can use Dia for your ER Modeling or better yet ,if you have an educational license, you can use Visio.

SQL Scripts for Database example used in Book and Lectures

  1. SQL Server Scripts
  2. MySQL Scripts

Practice Work

  1. Practice1
  2. Practice1 Answers
  3. Practice2
  4. Practice2 Answers

Extra Credit

HW 0. Self-Introduction, worth 5 points. Due 3rd week on Monday, printed at the beginning of class.

Group Project

  1. Group Project Phase 1 DOCX
  2. Group Project Phase 2 DOCX


  1. M2 Data Wolfpack
  2. Group Pelaez
  3. Group Nolasco
  4. Database(d) Gods
  5. Unicorn
  6. Group Hidalgo
  7. Group DLG

Some Great Database Sites

  1. SQL Server Books Online
  2. SQL Server Magazine
  3. W3C SQL Reference
  4. SQL Authority Blog
  5. SQL Fiddle
  6. SQL Server Central
  7. SQL Shack
  8. SQL Server Central
  9. Google Big Data